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"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful 2 day tour my family & I enjoyed with Elena in St. Petersburg.... it was the highlight of our cruise. Elena was so knowledgeable, warm & friendly, nothing was ..."
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Evening options

Can't get enough of St. Petersburg? Consider one of our different evening options to supplement your 2- or 3-day excursion with us! You can add any of the SPB Evening Options to any 2 or 3 Day-Tour in St. Petersburg to see the city of White Nights up close on your own. You will be given the choice to add one of these options to your tour package during the booking process. Evening options cannot be booked on their own.

Please keep in mind that all evening options are subject to availability. We suggest to book them as early as possible to ensure the greatest chances of getting the one you want. The ballet evening specifically is always dependant on the availability of performances during the dates you will be in St. Petersburg.

Go Out Like a Local

Also known as: The Vodka Fun Tour! During this tour you'll get to drink generous servings of three unique varieties of Russian Vodka throughout the evening, enjoy a canal boat ride on a private boat, stroll up and down Nevsky Prospekt, the city's main avenue, see the city of St. Petersburg in the beautiful evening twilight. 

This is a shared group evening option with other passengers from your ship. 


Fast facts about our Go Out Like a Local tour

  • Start time: approximately 7 pm
  • Returning to the ship
    • possible for 2-day Highlights Tour and 3-day Deluxe Tour 
    • not possible for 2-day Deluxe Tour and 2-day Russian Treasures Tour
  • Food
    • if on the 2-day Highlights Tour or 3-day Deluxe Tour, you will be able to get some food on board before starting the tour.
    • if on the 2-day Deluxe or Russian Treasures Tours, you will likely not have an opportunity to board the ship and will have an option to get some light food (not a full meal) while on the tour. We recommend bringing some snacks with you.
  • Flexibility: Traffic jams and overcrowding can sometimes change plans in the summer months. Even if you are on a tour that allows you time to get back on the ship, it could be that you get held up and this is not possible. So be prepared, and be flexible. Bring some snacks, a sweater or jacket, and a positive attitude, and you will have a great time :) 


Tour itinerary (Schedule)

You are greeted with your first variety of vodka directly on the van and continue to enjoy generous servings of the other varieties throughout the course of the evening. You'll have the chance to purchase souvenir vodka, cakes and black caviar at the Eliseevsky Food Hall, decorated in the excessively decadent Art Nouveau style. This will also be a good opportunity to explore Nevsky Prospekt a bit more than you could in your day tour. You will enjoy a canal boat ride on a private boat and have the chance to see St. Petersburg's twilight beauty. Your guide will join you and be part of your entertainment for the evening, sharing with you stories, jokes, and quizzes. You will see the city from a local perspective, pick up a few Russian phrases, and even learn to read Russian letters in a couple of minutes - no kidding! 

starting at $ 60.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

  1. Transfer from/to the ship
  2. A/C vehicle for 4 hours
  3. English-speaking guide for 4 hours
  4. Private canal boat for 1 hour
  5. Free Vodka and juice during the canal boat ride
  6. All port fees and local Russian taxes 

Private Vehicle

Reserve a private driver (without guide) for 3 hours. During this time you can eat at a local restaurant, see parts of the city by twilight, do a bit of personal shopping, and just get a feel of the city during the evening.

This option also available for those making their own ballet arrangements who only need transportation.

Please note the "starting price" per person is from 16 pax! The price chart for smaller groups:

02 pax: $75 USD per person
04 pax: $37.5 USD per person
06 pax: $35 USD per person
08 pax: $25 USD per person
10-12 pax: $20 USD per person
14-16 pax: $15 USD per person

*3 hours is the minimum amount of time vehicles can be hired.

Tour itinerary (Schedule)

starting at $ 15.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

The price includes port fees, a driver, and a vehicle for 3 hours.

An Evening at the Russian Ballet

Enjoy an evening at one of the world-famous Russian theaters for a ballet performance. We offer our popular 125 USD per person ‘Night of Russian Ballet' option, which includes the ticket, transport to and from the venue and visa coverage. This is usually a performance of Swan Lake at one of several wonderful theatres or music halls that we use. In some cases a different performance may be booked depend ending on availability (The Nutcracker and Giselle are the other 2 main ballets that we attend)

Frequently asked questions regarding ballet performances and options:

Can you tell me what the performance will be ahead of time?

With this 125 USD pp option we cannot guarantee any one performance, venue or specific seats and we will not know which performance has been selected until the day of the ballet when your guide will be able to inform you further. 

Tickets are subject to availability and may not be available on your date in St. Petersburg. If on the day of your performance the theater has a shortage of tickets (rarely the case in advanced reservations, though still possible), you will be given the choice to cancel your reservation for a refund or purchase other tickets. In some rare instances, no ballet is scheduled for the evening. The theater and performance are completely up to our discretion. We cannot guarantee any performances ahead of time. 

If you wanted to see a specific performance at a specific theatre, the best way to do this would be to book tickets yourself online directly with the theatre you would like to attend. We do not get any preferred pricing so this is the most affordable way to get tickets and you can also pick your seats. If you do choose this option, you can rent a vehicle with us to transport you to and from the theatre. See rates for this in the Private Vehicle option listed above.

Warning!! The Hermitage Theater does NOT sell tickets online. Any ticket claiming to sell Hermitage Theater Tickets is a SCAM.

Will I have time back at the ship before my ballet performance?

After the conclusion of the day tour, please be prepared to stay in the city with your guide or another SPB-Tours representative who will show you a place to eat (cafe/restaurant) before the show/ballet will start. Due to the increasingly bad traffic in the city, returning to the cruise ship is not practical. Even if you come back to the ship at 18.00, there are often long line of tourists getting on board, which can take 20-30 min. Even if you get back to your cabin at 18.35-18.45, you will have only 5 min to change their clothes and to eat, as you have to be punctually at the pier at 19.00 for the transfer to the theater. This is simply not enough time. Depending on the traffic, it might take 35-40 min to get to the theater and you need to be at the theater at least 15 min before the performance will start to find your seats. It will be less stress to stay in the city and to enjoy a meal somewhere at the cafe nearby, rather than returning to the ship. 

Is there a dress code?

The dress code is smart-casual, so while you do not need to get dressed up in formal evening wear, something more than jeans and a T-Shirt would be recommended. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes with you during the day, and you will have the chance to change into them after your tour. 

Tour itinerary (Schedule)

starting at $ 125.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

Price includes a round trip transfer and a theater ticket. Your tour guide will inform you about the meeting time at the ship.

Folklore Show

There is no doubt: without the folk show your visit to Russia wouldn't be complete. This show is a unique opportunity to experience the history and spirit of Russia in one magnificent event.

The show consists of two parts: the folk instruments ensemble's performance of folk compositions and a Cossack song and the dance company's Cossack’s dances in their original form.

The show takes place at either the Nikolaevsky Palace or the Prince Vladimir Palace.

Tickets are $99 USD per person and include transportation to/from the venue. There are no student or children prices available. 

Note: This evening program starts quite early, so for those on the Deluxe Tour, going back to the ship is not possible. Doors to the theater open at 6:30, and the seating is first-come-first-serve. What we will do instead is drop you off in the area near the theater at the end of your tour. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes with you during the day and leave them on the bus. Attire is smart-casual, so no need for formal wear. There will also be areas around the theater where you can grab a quick bite to eat, and some light refreshments will be served during the intermission.

Tour itinerary (Schedule)

The show consists of two parts: the folk instruments ensemble's performance of folk compositions and a Cossack song and the dance company's Cossack’s dances in their original form.
starting at $ 99.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

traditional folk show, light refreshments, and transportation from/to the ship.

Night at the Faberge Museum

This shared, group evening excursion gives you a chance for some self-guided exploration of the Faberge Museum at Shuvalov Palace. Come and see some of the exquisite pieces designed by the House of Faberge, including nine of the world famous Imperial Faberge Easter Eggs. Don’t miss your chance to see these uniquely-Russian handcrafted masterpieces!

You will spend 30-40 minutes at the Museum. The Museum is not large, so this is enough time. 

You will be visiting the museum with other SPB-Tours guests. This is not a private excursion. 

There is no tour guide on this excursion. The visit to the museum is self-guided with the audio-guide provided by the museum. 

Tour itinerary (Schedule)

17:30-18:00 Your tour guide will drop you off at a local downtown restaurant after your day tour (there is no time to return to the cruise ship)
18:00-19:00 Time to eat dinner before the museum visit
19:00-19:15 SPB-Tours driver will transfer you to the museum
19:30-20:30 (45-60 min) at the Faberge museum with the self-guided audio tour
20:30-21:15 Transfer back to the cruise ship
21:30 Latest on board time  

starting at $ 45.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

Shared vehicle and driver for the duration of the tour, entrance fees to Faberge Museum, audio guide for the museum.

There is no tour guide on this excursion. The visit to the museum is self-guided with the audio-guide provided by the museum. 

White Nights – Raising of the Bridges

Join us for a magical evening and once in a lifetime experience of the White Nights of St. Petersburg!

At almost 60° latitude, the city of St. Petersburg has a beautiful twilight glow even in the middle of the night, and at 1:30 every morning, the fishing boats depart from the city harbor, and the drawbridges raise to allow them free passage. It is a uniquely St. Petersburg experience to be on the Neva River, a glass of champagne in hand, as the bridges go up and the ships head out for their daily catch under the White Nights sky. Come and see for yourself what the White Nights of St. Petersburg are all about!


Tour itinerary (Schedule)

Pickup time is 11:00 pm, return to the ship is 02:30 am at the latest.
starting at $ 50.00 USD pp

Tour price includes the following services:

  • Vehicle and guide for this timing
  • Canal boat ride with champagne