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"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful 2 day tour my family & I enjoyed with Elena in St. Petersburg.... it was the highlight of our cruise. Elena was so knowledgeable, warm & friendly, nothing was ..."
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Make a difference with SPB-Tours!

SPB-Tours will donate $1 of your total
tour cost to Orphanage
House No. 40 in
St. Petersburg.
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Make a difference

How your St. Petersburg visit makes a difference.

Affecting the lives of the children at Orphanage House No. 40

Since 2010, SPB-Tours has had an active relationship with Orphanage House No. 40 in St. Petersburg. It is home to approximately 55 children with vision disabilities. While the director and staff work very hard for the children, their budget is very tight and does not allow for even small luxuries. The children rarely go anywhere outside of the orphanage because of the minimal funding. Here at SPB-Tours, we believe everyone deserves a childhood with happy memories and the chance to just have fun. Therefore, it has been our goal to provide these children with joyful experiences all throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

Every Guest Helps

Together with our guests, SPB-Tours has impacted the orphanage in many ways. A portion of every guest's tour cost in St. Petersburg is put towards fun excursions for the children and staff, as well as necessary supplies. Last year alone we were able to donate over $12,000 USD worth of medications, office supplies, toys, and outings courtesy of our amazing guests. Many guests also chose to contribute gifts themselves, such as coloring books and other toys, which were greatly appreciated by the children and staff as well.

Exciting Excursions for Children and Staff

Through our collaborative program, trips to exciting performances like the Circus and the Dolphinarium are arranged a few times a year. The children get an opportunity to leave the orphanage to have fun, something that would otherwise not be possible. Past trips have included the Dolphinarium, the State Circus, and most recently (late 2014) to the St. Petersburg Cat Museum, Summer Garden and Aquarium! They had a fantastic time! We are also able to sponsor transportation for the children to their dacha in the countryside, where they spend their summer holiday.

Beyond Toys and Trips

The supplies and experiences for the children are wonderful, but we must also not forget the people who devote their lives to helping these children. We also want to provide them with the tools to do their job better. For example, last year we were able to give a brand new laptop to the director—a welcome replacement for her outdated desk top, and this past year in 2014 we were able to donate a new printer. We hope to continue this successful program, with the support of our guests, for many years to come.

How you can help:

Booking any of our St. Petersburg tours or Design Your Own Baltic Package Tours automatically makes you a contributor to these children's lives. $1 USD of your tour cost will go to the Orphanage House No. 40.

Should you wish to give further: we recommend that you bring (new) toys, art supplies & coloring books, games (that do not require English), and picture books that can be collected by our representatives at the passenger port in St. Petersburg and delivered directly to the kids, who are preschool age (4-6 years old).

To all of our guests, thank you for your continued support. It is appreciated more than we can say!