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Our Newest Deal: Design Your Own Baltic Pearls Package!

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce the newest innovation to our steadily growing list of popular tour options across the baltic region: a package design that gives YOU the power of choice. Now you can choose any combination of cities in addition to St. Petersburg for the ultimate package that gives you the best shore excursion experience at a competitive rate. Want to do Tallinn on your own? That's fine, you can leave it out. Have you already been to Berlin? You can leave that out too. But if you want to book all five, you still can!

Please note that we have included an online booking discount for these packages, a savings of up to $50 off!

NEW!!! Tallinn and Helsinki Tours

We offer new shore excursiosn in Tallinn and Helsinki. Have a look!

update from SPB-Tours regarding web-site

Dear Everyone,

As many of you may be aware, our website has been down the for the past 9 days. While we initially thought this could just be minor technical problems, we have found out from our service provider the problem is much more serious. Our website is the victim of a distributive denial-of-service attack (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial_of_service_attack). This means that our website is bombarded with illegitimate traffic (tens of thousands of IP addresses from around the world), leaving our site inaccessible to our legitimate and prospective clients. Our service provider has confirmed the attack is specific to our website. We strongly believe this attack originated from one of our competitors in an attempt to spoil our business. Such an attack is illegal and carries with it severe penalties, and a police report has been submitted to the proper authorities.

Book NOW and get a 10% DISCOUNT!!!

If you book with us now, you can get a 10% early booking discount. Please feel free to contact us! This offer is valid till end of January 2011.

Merry Christmas!!!

Spb-Tours wishes "Merry Christmas" to all of our past, present and future clients!!!




end-of-the-cruise-season party 2010

see some nice images from our "end-of-the-cruise-season party 2010" !





our new guide Maria Sigajeva

 Maria Sigajeva-  welcome in our team!!!!

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I am happy to name Saint-Petersburg my native city. I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University with degree in Linguistics & Intercultural Communication. As an experienced traveller I am convinced that Saint-Petersburg is one of the most unique and magnificent cities in the world and it’s really worth to visit it. Though I have lived here all my life, every time I walk around the city I cannot help but wonder and admire its magic beauty, broad straight avenues, majestic palaces and cathedrals, green parks, countless bridges and canals.

SPb-Tours supports an orphanage

As valued clients of SPB-Tours, we would like to let you know about a charitable project which we started in 2010. There is an orphanage in St. Petersburg called:  

"Orphanage House No. 40"

that is home to approximately 65 disabled children from 3 to 7 years old, all of whom have problems with their vision. 

New offer for evening activities- the Relax & Have Fun Tour!

We have a new offer for evening activities this season - the Relax & Have Fun Tour!

The tour runs after the usual sightseeing tour on the first night of a two day tour or the first or second night of a three day tour, and includes vodka tasting, shopping, and an optional canal boat ride. It's bound to be a good time!

From Russia with Love

What our clients say | Cruise Critics

Thank-you Viktoria.
We are very much looking forward to visiting both St. Petersburg and Berlin.  I appreciate all that you have done to make this booking very easy.  You have many kind reviews on

Cruise Critics

and I understand why.  It is a pleasure doing businss with you.

St. Petersburg, Berlin or Warnemünde/Rostock, Tallinn, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki

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